The Beach Jewelry You Need This Summer

With the arrival of summer comes a vibrant energy unlike any other. Mother Nature warms our spirits from the inside out, reminding us to slow down and soak up the season. Celebrate the summer months with these beach-themed jewelry pieces.


Looking to soak up daylight and embrace moonlight?

+Promote communication with the Sea Turtle

A sea creature decorated in bold colors, the Sea Turtle is a symbol of coming alive in the heat of the season. Everything is magic in the summertime, so dive right in with the Go With This cute turtle bracelet and feel the vibes.

Looking to connect with someone new?
Encourage communication with the Dolphin

Dolphins are keepers of the sacred breath of life, teaching us how to release emotions through our breathing. Be guided into dream time with the Dolphin Color Infusion Charm Bangle and access your own inner wisdom.

Looking to let loose and seize the day?
Evoke adventure with the Crab

The crab explores whatever it wants when it wants, walking sideways and never taking a direct route. Trust your instincts with the Crab Color Infusion Charm Bangle and reinvent yourself in order to find your true path.

Keep an eye out for all of our sea-side icons swimming around this summer! And be sure to follow us on Instagram to see more styling looks we’re sure you’ll love.

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